Tips For Making Your Assisted Living Apartments Feel Like Home

Written By: Discovery Senior Living

There's an art to transforming a living space into a personal haven. When it comes to assisted living apartments, the goal is to blend comfort with familiarity—making each room not just functional but also a reflection of their own home. From cherished photographs to a favorite comfy chair, each detail adds a layer of warmth, helping retirees feel genuinely at home in their new environment.

In our assisted living community for active adults, we understand that a move to senior living represents a significant life change. That's why we encourage residents to infuse their apartments with their unique signature. By decorating with favorite items and arranging living spaces to mirror the comforts of the home they've known, residents craft a personal retreat within our vibrant community.

Personalize Your Space with Photos, Art, and Familiar Decorations

Photographs are more than just images. They're windows to precious memories, frozen moments of joy, love, and connections. Hanging your favorite photos around the apartment can create a sense of belonging. You can choose frames that suit your style, perhaps picking a color or pattern that brings positivity.

Art can enliven your surroundings. Pick artwork that mirrors your personality; it doesn't have to be a masterpiece; it just needs to speak to you. A modest painting you brought from home, a beloved sculpture, or even children's sketches can all make the place more personal.

Adding familiar decorations helps, too. A cherished quilt, a favorite mug, or a well-loved chair can give your new home a sense of continuity, connecting your past and present. These items, laden with history and emotions, can help you feel more at ease.

Bring Along Beloved Furniture to Maintain Comfort and Familiarity

Furniture is not just about utility; it also influences how a space feels. Your favorite armchair or that side table you've had for years can help the new place feel more like home. Consider taking furniture that fit within your space and resonate with familiarity.

Rearrange the furniture akin to how you had it in your previous home. This can maintain an air of familiarity in the new apartment. That way, when you reach out for a book or a cup of coffee, there's comfort in knowing exactly where it is, just like how it used to be.

Use Soft Lighting and Comforting Colors to Enhance Atmosphere

Lighting plays a crucial role in how a room feels. Soft lighting can make a space warm and welcoming. Couple this with your favorite lamp, and you'll have a cozy nook for reading or relaxing.

Choosing comforting colors can also make a difference. Pick colors that resonate with your preferences. Favorite color or a soothing tone can make your walls more pleasing, making your apartment more homely.

Incorporate Technology for Entertainment and Staying Connected with Family

Technology can add function and enjoyment to your living experience. A television for your favorite shows, a radio for music, or a device to listen to audiobooks can provide entertainment in your assisted living apartment.

Another important aspect of tech is staying connected. A smartphone, tablet, or computer can help you maintain contact with family and friends. Whether it's a video call with grandchildren or sending emails to old friends, technology ensures you stay connected to your loved ones.

Join a Community That Feels Like Home

Every space within our assisted living community for active adults is designed with assisted living amenities that aim to bring joy and convenience to our residents. From community gathering areas to private living spaces, we foster environments where residents can proudly entertain family members or quietly enjoy a sunset, always feeling at home.

Visit Taylor Place, and let's talk about making our assisted living apartments your new home, where life blossoms and every corner tells your story.

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